No Plastic Bag Everyday

Promotion : No Plastic Bag Everyday
Location : Floor 1-6
Start Date : 2020-01-01
End Date : 2020-12-31
Description :

Let's save world save life with Isetan together.
📣 "No Plastic Bag Everyday" by Isetan
Start on 1 Jan 2020 onwards "Don't forget to carry a bag come to shopping "

📣 Special first IPC 280 members who shop within Food Market 800 baht or more *
Get free "Isetan Limited edition bag" 1 bag *
* Limited to 1 privilege / receipt / membership number / day

(If customers need to use plastic bag) "1 bag = 2 baht"

Which some of the proceeds donate to the foundation Sueb Nakhasathien Foundation for the Conservation and Protection of Wildlife, Wildlife and Natural Resources of Thailand

"And don't forget to carry a bag come shopping in Isetan "